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Silk Care


In short, our silk care is as follow:
- Machine wash by itself on delicate or hand wash cycle.
- Do not use aggressive detergents or spot cleaners.
- Iron warm on silk setting or use steamer.

For more detailed instructions, take the time to read the information below. It will assist you in maintaining and extending the life and pleasure of your silk garments.


We use a 100% natural 19.5mm Silk Charmeuse . This high end quality is very strong and stays in shape after washing. The hand dyeing process makes for a worn and a beautiful soft look.  You can wash your silk items by hand or in the washing machine. Sometimes a white hue / blooms is the effect of the dying or washing process.

When washing your silk garments keep these things in mind:


We prefer to advice against dry cleaning your silks, because they have been hand dyed. The harsh chemicals used while dry cleaning could leave spots on the silk. If you do decide to dry clean, please advice them that the garment is dyed with Acid dye.


Shower Steam

Hang the silk in the bathroom. Make sure it hangs flat and is not touching any surface. Close the bathroom door and start a hot shower. The steam from the shower will begin to loosen the wrinkles in the silk. Shake out the silk after getting out of the shower but before opening the bathroom door. This will help some of the wrinkles to fall out of the silk.

Iron Steam
Hang the silk. Plug in an iron with steaming options and turn it to high. Hold the iron about six inches away from the silk garment and blast the wrinkles with steam from the iron. With a little perseverance even the worst wrinkles will come out with this method.


Place your iron on the lowest heat or silk setting. Some irons consider this the rayon setting. High heat could damage the silk. Place the silk right side down. Test a small, out of sight area of your silk with the iron to make sure the heat will not damage the fabric and that the iron doesn’t stick to it. Decrease the iron’s heat if you see damage, or iron inside out. Hang your silk to cool when you’re finished ironing.


Since silk fibers are easily broken when wet, never attempt to remove a spill by rubbing. Instead, blot the area gently. If rubbing damages surface fibers, a permanent light area may appear.


Sunlight will fade silk and dye. Keep your garment out of bright sunlight when stored.


Beverages such as soft drinks, wine and mixed drinks contain sugar. Spills may be colorless and disappear when they are dry, but later the sugar can cause stains, especially if exposed to heat. If you spill something on your silk garment, do not put water on the spotted area. Water may set the stain or cause a permanent ring. Try to wash asap in the washing machine. The worst for silk is oil! Avoid using oily products on your skin or hair before putting on your garment. If you spill any oily product on your garment, please don’t rub or put water on it. The best is to use corn starch. Put a bit of corn starch directly on the stain. Best to put a bit of pressure on top with a heavy item. The corn starch will absorb the oil when you let it be and leave it up to 24 hours. Then put your item in the washing machine. See for instructions above.


Perspiration contains salts that can damage the fabric if left to long. Perspiration turns alkaline on exposure to air. This can also damage silk. If you perspire heavily, consider wearing underarm pads. Do not wear anti-perspirants, as they might damage the silk and will fade the color.



Our dyes will bleed or change color when exposed to alcohol. Allow perfumes, deodorants, hair spray and toiletries containing alcohol to dry before you dress. The dyes are also sensitive to alkaline agents. Many facial soaps, shampoos, hair spray, detergents, nail polish remover, and even toothpaste are alkaline enough to cause color change. 

The dyes we use are called Acid Dye. Its not as scary as it sounds, its simply referring to the acidic substance used to set the dye in to the fabric. We use an all natural Citric Acid (widely used for food preservation). The dye is all done by hand, which makes it so that not every piece comes out the same way. There will always be inconsistencies, color variations and sometimes dye stains. We do our best to minimize all inconsistencies but expect to see some on every garment.
If you plan to wear two garments as a set, we recommend you advice us when you order your garments so we can dye them in the same dye bath.
We do our best to get all the residual dye out of the fabric. However there might be a tiny percentage still in the fabric that didn’t wash out in our rinse wash. Thats why you have to make sure to wash the garment seperate, by itself. If you have chosen a bright or dark color, please make sure to be mindful when sitting on light furniture. Just like you would when you purchase a new pair of jeans and you have a white leather sofa (we have all been there before).
Most of all, we really want you to enjoy your garment. Don’t treat it like something precious, a silk garment is actually incredibly strong and with these guidelines you will enjoy your piece for a very long time!