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Talented photographer Dara Block in the Magenta Butterfly Dress


Textile Goddess Rhiannon Griego of The Ghost Dancer wearing her Marigold Maxi Kaftan while weaving at her studio in Topanga.

Why walk the dog when you can bike! Vanessa Garoosi wearing her Peach colored Tunic Dress in the suburbs of New York.

Fashionista Zara Alexandrova wearing her Lichen colored Egyptian Robe at the horse stables in Malibu.

The free spirited Skye Avelon Abels wearing her own miniature version of the Maxi Kaftan in Marigold. 

Our sister from another mister, Simone Segall, wearing the Low Back Romper in Valentine on a trip to Hawaii.

Fit for a queen, Natalie Rose Silva of Gods Eye Oils wearing her Bronze colored Egyptian Robe.

Musician Rose Paradise wearing the Black Tie Overall at the Bazaar at the museum in Bolinas.

Fashion stylist and creator of Ibiza Bohemia the book, Renu Kashyap, wearing her custom colored Maxi Kaftan in the desert of Morocco. 

Health expert and yogini Rainbeau Mars wearing her Low Back Dress in Cherry color by the koi pond at her house in Beverly Hills.

Paige Sreenan buyer at Cresta Bledsoe Studio, wearing her Magenta Maxi Wrap Skirt in Barcelona, Spain.

Mexico City based model Nohemi Hermosillo caught in a tree wearing her Dark Violet Maxi Kaftan in Campeche, Mexico.

The incredibly talented Nicole Manfron, owner of La Maison Marrakech and co-founder & head curator of the Secret Souk wearing her Black Maxi Kaftan at Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech.

Our Muse, Nat Kelley, wearing her Tie Top for her actress head shots taken in Atlanta, GA.

Our Muse, Nat Kelley, wearing her Cross Over Jacket as a swim cover-up to the beach in Australia.

Love warrior Mieke Tau wearing her Marigold Low Back Dress in the jungle of the Yucatan. 

Magdalena Sarkissian wearing her Tie Top in Prosecco and the Mini Wrap Skirt in Melon on a boat in the Mideterranean. 

Laura Main dancing on the roof of the Edinburgh Castle in her peach colored Cross Over Jacket.

Kiara Schwartz wearing the Tie Top and Bell Pant in Melon on a trip to South East Asia. 

Artist Julie Harris wearing her Desert Rose colored Tie Overalls on her yearly artist retreat in the South of France.

Our brand ambassador Julia Khan Anselmo wearing her Marigold Maxi Kaftan at La Pause in the desert outside of Marrakech.

Jade Brunelli of Wao Tea during a tea ceremony in West Marin, Ca., wearing her Desert Rose Tie Overalls. 

Jade Fielding chilling in Bali in her Marigold Tie Top and Bell Pant with matching sunnies. 

Jada Ogden getting her tropical vibe on in the Teal colored Low Back Dress, in Playa Escondida. 

One of our absolute faves at 79 years old, Hilda Wong, keeping it cool in the shade in Sonoma, CA. wearing her Tunic Dress in white.


Graziella Luggen chilling in a hammock on vacation in her Poinsettia Low Back Dress

One of our favorite world travelers, Gita, wearing her Marigold Maxi Kaftan in preparation of her birthday party in Sonoma. 

Our favorite Brazilian super model, Flavia Lucini, wearing a Deep Maroon Peasant Dress in an apartment in New York City. 

Our Soul sister Ewa De Cruz of Aurora Spirits, wearing her Marigold Low Back Dress in her studio in Topanga. 

One of our brand ambassadors, Cherise Norris, wearing a custom length version of the Tunic Dress at a winery in Sonoma, California. 

Camille Barotin, Ibiza's most fashionable bohemian, wearing the Low Back Dress in Poinsettia at sunset in Ibiza.

One of our favorite photographers, Britney Gill, wearing the Cross Over Jacket on the streets of Marrakech. 

The beautiful Britney Bijan of Harlin & Sparrow Events wearing her black Tie Overall at Palais Namaskar in Marrakech.

Rosena Charmoy of Boutique Souk wearing her black Low Back Dress at Riad Kitula in Marrakech. 

Our beloved BettyKay Kendrick - chief conspirator at In Pursuit Of Magic - trying on the Tie Overall in our studio in Sausalito, CA.

Brian Huber & Bain Laplant at a wedding in Louisiana. Bain is still deciding on the color of her Maxi Wrap Skirt, in the meantime she left it white. 

Anjali Taneja wearing a custom marled peach colored Low Back Dress at Scarabeo Camp in Morocco. 

Baelyn Elspeth wearing the Low Back Dress in Desert Rose during a tea ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.

Baelyn Elspeth wearing her Lichen colored Kimono at a temple in China. 

Aida Shojaee from Thank Me Later posing next to her favorite vintage car, wearing the Low Back Dress in Poinsettia.

The man behind the woman, Kourosh Ghadishah in his custom version of the Egyptian Robe In Sausalito, CA.

Our founder  Jasmien Hamed on the beach in Tulum during a wedding ceremony, in her white Low Back Dress.