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Water : Essential oil hydrosol mist

This gracious mister will not only purify the air in the room, it can also be used on face and body, clothes, pillow and sheets.


Mist just before bedtime to get transcended into dreamland with a blend of Palo Santo and Frankincense. 


Use: Can be used on face, body, clothes, pillow, bedsheets or as room spray. 


Ingredients: Distilled water, Which Hazel, Rose water, 100% pure essential oil blend.


What you get: 8 oz. of hydrosol mist packaged in an BPA plastic-free bottle and a pure copper mist dispenser. Packaged in a black gift box with natural silk ribbon.


Sidenote: Shake amber bottle before transferring the liquid into the copper mister. Only fill copper mister bottle about quarter full to prevent drips. Repeat when finished.